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What is a project? In UltraEdit, a project is a virtual "storage container" allowing you to group and manage associated files (for example, a development project you're working on) and your workspace for those files. Support for projects is tightly integrated throughout other areas in UltraEdit, such as Ctags for project files, Find in files in project files, Function listing for project files, Intellitips, and much more. You can add files and/or folders to a project.

Project support consists of the project itself (i.e., the files contained within it) and the workspace. The workspace consists of all files that should be opened when the project is loaded as well as the view state of project items in the Project pane in the File view. The workspace functionality saves the state of all open files in the project file when the project is closed including window position, caret position, and which files are open. These are then reloaded the next time the project is reloaded. Files in the workspace do not have to be specifically added to the project.


Open Allows you to open an existing project
Recent Lists recently opened projects. Selecting one will open that project.
New project Opens dialog to create and save a new project file (.prj). After you save the project file, the project is created and the Project settings dialog is immediately opened.
New project using templates Opens project templates dialog to create and save a new project based upon a compilable project template.
Close project Closes the active project
Project settings Adds, removes, or opens files within the project; also allows you to configure other project settings


Add to project - File... Opens file browser where you can choose files to be added to the active project. If no group is selected in the "Project group" drop down, the selected file(s) will be added to the root of the project.
Add to project - Folder... Opens New folder dialog for adding a folder from the file system to the project.
Add to project - Group... Opens dialog allowing you to specify name of a new group (virtual) folder for the project. Group folders are not "real" folders but act as containers within the project.


The following IntelliTips functionality is available in UEStudio only

Go to symbol definition Displays IntelliTips list indicating where selected symbol is defined. Double-clicking item in list opens referenced file to definition point.
Display function tip Displays function tip popup (parameters) for the function next to the caret. The caret must be positioned within the function call's braces in order to see the function tip.
Reparse active file Forces IntelliTips to reparse active file.
More IntelliTips - .source -> .header Displays context menu allowing you to toggle between source and associated header file.
More IntelliTips - File list Displays list of source files that are determined to be related to the active file in terms of includes, header files, etc.
More IntelliTips - Symbol list Displays available symbols for auto-completing word under caret (for example, an object member).
More IntelliTips - Keyword list Displays all available keywords / templates for current file's source code language.
More IntelliTips - Show functions in this file Displays functions defined in active file.
More IntelliTips - Jump to Classviewer Toggles Workspace Manager and activates Tags pane / Classviewer.


Find symbol Jumps to definition of symbol (class, function, variable) under caret (based upon Ctags)
Generate tags Creates Ctags tag file from either active project or active file
Ctag options Opens dialog allowing you to set options for Ctags


Backup project Copies all active files in the current project/workspace to a compressed backup file (.bup) stored in the same directory as the .prj file for the active project/workspace
Restore project Opens "Restore project files" dialog to reload a project from a copy that was previously backed up


Tool configuration Opens dialog for user-definable tool configuration for active project
Project tool # Selecting a project tool in the drop down list will run that tool.

Version control

The following version control functionality is available in UEStudio only

Git - Add current file Adds current file to active Git repository.
Git - Commit current file Records changes to current file to repository.
Git - Commit all files Records changes for all files to repository.
Git - Stash changes Stashes uncommitted changes in active repository.
Git - Blame (current file) Shows what revision and author last modified each line of the active file.
Git - Pull Incorporates changes from a remote repository into the current branch.
Git - Push Updates a remote repository with changes from a local repository.
Git - Show git branch Toggles visibility of Git branch manager.
Git - Show git shell Toggles visibility of Git shell.
CVS/Subversion - Active module Opens Version control module manager.
CVS/Subversion - Checkout Checks out module from repository.
CVS/Subversion - Tag Creates tag (branch) in CVS / Subversion repository.
CVS/Subversion - Import Imports new module into repository.
CVS/Subversion - Export Exports module excluding CVS / Subversion repository information and files.
CVS/Subversion - Accounts/settings Launches version control accounts manager dialog.
Update Updates working copy from repository without displaying any prompts or options.
Update - Update (special) Opens either the CVS update or Subversion update dialog, depending on which version control system you're using, with options for the update.
Commit Commits all local changes to repository without displaying any prompts or options.


The following advanced project functionality is available in UEStudio only

Project converter Opens Project Converter where you can convert existing Visual Studio projects to UEStudio projects.
Project manager Opens Project Manager dialog from which users may open, create, backup, restore or batch build projects.
Solution - New Allows you to create a new solution by choosing the location and name to save the solution (.prw) file.
Solution - Open Allows you to browse to and open an existing solution.
Solution - Close Closes the active solution.
Add projects Allows you to browse to a project and add it to the active solution. If a project is opened in a solution, this project is set in the solution (INI based) file as active, so that the next time the solution is opened, this project is opened also.
Remove projects Opens the "Projects in Solution" dialog, where you can choose which project(s) to remove from the active solution.
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