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This feature is available in UEStudio only.

UEStudio offers language intelligence via IntelliTips (similar to Visual Studio's IntelliSense). IntelliTips collects symbol information about the open file or project in order to provide code completion suggestions via auto-complete; tooltips for functions, classes, structs, etc.; tree-style class browsing; and more.

Using IntelliTips

By default, UEStudio will automatically and silently parse your active file or project for IntelliTips information. There's nothing you need to do to enable this. Once the project or file has been parsed, you can then leverage IntelliTips functionality in a variety of ways:

Configuring IntelliTips

You can configure IntelliTips in UEStudio in the following sections of Settings:

Supported languages

You can see what languages UEStudio supports for IntelliTips parsing under Settings » IDE » Parser.

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