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UltraEdit supports searching for special strings in all find / replace functionality (including macros/scripts) with special notation as follows:

Notation Represents
^t Tab character
^p New line (DOS files - CR/LF, or hex 0D 0A)
^r Carriage return (hex 0D)
^n Line feed (new line in Unix based text files) (hex 0A)
^b Line break
^s Selected text
^c Clipboard contents (up to 30,000 characters)
^^ Literal "^" character

Note: you can customize the special character to be something other than "^" in Settings » Search » Miscellaneous.

The "^s" and "^c" options are particularly useful for macros. When recording a macro, you can use "^s" or "^c" in the Find / Replace fields, and during macro playback they will be replaced with the currently selected text or the clipboard contents, respectively.

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