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The Search » Miscellaneous branch of Settings has the following options.

Show slim find dialog after start

This option determines if the slim find dialog with Find next and Find previous buttons should be shown after the find command is initially started. If this is selected, the dialog is shown at the top of the screen but can be repositioned as desired.

Continue find at end of file

This option determines if the search for a string should wrap around to the opposite end of the file if the string is not found. If this option is not set, the editor does not wrap around at the end of file when searching for a string. The default behavior is for the editor to continue the search from the opposite end of the file when a target is not found.

Find dialog defaults to word under cursor

If this option is selected the editor automatically initializes the find and replace dialogs with the word under the caret position. If not set, it uses selected text, if present, or the last find string.

Find next / prev finds selected text (not last searched for text)

If this option is selected the editor will find the selected text when a find next / find previous command is performed instead of the previous search string unless the "regular expressions" option is enabled for the search. This "override" will occur so that you can continue to use F3 with a regular expression search that may match and select many different words matching the orginal regular expression.

Set focus to edit window after any find operation

If this option is selected, focus will be set to the edit window after any find operation regardless of what options are selected in the find dialog.

Set focus to edit window when going to result of lines containing string dialog

This setting causes the editor to set focus to the edit window rather than the Find string list when the result is double clicked in the Find string list. By default this is set but some users requested that focus remain on the Find string list in this case.

Automatically bookmark current line on find

If this option is selected a bookmark will automatically be inserted at the current caret location before a matching string is found and selected so that you can return to the original caret position.

Fill search in columns with selection points

If this option is selected, and text is selected in column mode, the text fields for the "Search In column" option will automatically be populated based on the boundaries of the existing selection.

Special character used in Find/Replace strings (normally ): ^

In the find/replace strings a caret "^" (by default) has special meaning (see Special search characters). This setting allows a different character to be used in Find/Replace routines from the caret "^". It is recommended a pipe character "|" or similar uncommon character be used.

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