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New creates a new file
Open opens the File open dialog
Favorite files opens the Favorite files dialog
Save saves an opened file using the same file name. If the file hasn't been saved yet, the Save as dialog is opened.
Save all saves all modified files using their current file names
Save as opens the Save as dialog
Make copy/backup makes a copy/backup of active file with all saved and unsaved changes, without overwriting the original file
Revert to saved reverts to last-saved version of active file with prompt for confirmation
Help index Opens the in-product help (CHM)
Add help Opens Add help files dialog, allowing you to add help files to Help menu
Get Support opens browser with support links and contact form for support
Online forums opens browser to user forums at
Show welcome page opens a welcome page for new users
IDM products opens web page describing all IDM products and providing links for downloads
Print document... opens Print dialog for printing active file
Print all immediately prints all opened files with no prompt
Print preview opens the Print preview window showing file on the screen as it would appear printed
Print setup opens Print setup dialog for selecting a printer
Page setup opens Page setup dialog for setting print options
Close active file closes the active file with prompt to save any unsaved changes
Close all closes all opened files with prompt to save any unsaved changes
Close all except closes all opened files except the active one
Recently opened Displays list of recently opened files
Recently closed displays list of recently closed files
Enter license key Opens activation dialog for entering license key information
About Opens About dialog which displays application version, license information, and contact information
Settings opens Settings dialog with index tree to access categorized configuration options
Exit exits UltraEdit

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