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Welcome to the UltraEdit wiki!

This wiki is designed to be a "less official" documentation source for UltraEdit, the text editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux. As a user, you are encouraged to contribute to the wiki as you see fit whether that be updating information, adding use cases, helpful tips, etc. Any questions or comments should be sent to IDM support.

Wiki editing help

Editing the wiki is incredibly easy and simple. Check out the wiki markup cheatsheet or the full documentation on wiki markup.

In order to edit the UltraEdit wiki, you need to create an account and be logged in.

Getting started with UltraEdit

New users, start here! We've created the following topics to help get you up and running with UltraEdit finely-tuned to meet your specific preferences and needs.

UltraEdit Help documentation

We've stratified our in-product help to be conveniently available for you online. Check the help documentation if you're wanting to know more about a specific feature or functionality.

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