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The Templates branch of Settings includes the following options.

Auto-suggest smart template when typing

If selected, UltraEdit / UEStudio will automatically suggest a template based on what has been typed into the active file. If you type the name of a template, the editor will automatically suggest the associated template in a preview mode. The template name must completely match the word that was typed in order for the template to be "auto-suggested." There are two ways to insert a suggested template:

  1. Let the editor suggest the template based on what was just typed, and while in the special preview mode, press Tab to insert it.
  2. Press Ctrl + Space to open the auto-complete dialog and choose a template from here. Templates that fully or partially match the typed text are shown in the auto-complete dialog.

...after pausing for

This setting allows you to specify the delay in milliseconds after typing a word in a file before UltraEdit / UEStudio auto-suggests a template. This is provided to avoid unwanted previews of templates while you're typing. This setting is disabled if the option above is unchecked.

Include templates in auto-complete dialog

If this option is selected, templates fully or partially matching the text you've just typed will be displayed at the top of the auto-complete dialog.

Maintain indent level when inserting template

If selected, when inserting a template the current indentation level at the insertion position is respected and auto-indent adjusts accordingly. If this option is not selected, insertion of the selected template will begin at the current caret position, but will not respect indentation on subsequent lines of the inserted template.

Show all language templates in Template List

If this option is selected, all language templates will be accessible in the Template List regardless of the type of file currently loaded for editing.

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