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The Editor display » Syntax highlighting branch of Settings contains settings for syntax highlighting. To see more about how syntax highlighting works and can be extended for different languages, be sure to see the Syntax highlighting and Wordfiles topics.

Full directory path for wordfiles

This setting allows you to configure the folder where the syntax highlighting wordfiles should be stored. By default, wordfiles are copied from the "wordfiles" folder in the installation directory to the user-specific "%APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\wordfiles" folder, along with all other configuration files.

It is not recommended to set your wordfiles directory to the "wordfiles" folder in the installation directory, because these wordfiles are updated and overwritten without warning with each update of the application. The wordfiles stored in %APPDATA% (or your custom directory) are not.

If you set this value to a different folder, wordfiles are not automatically copied to that directory from the original location. You will need to manually move / copy the existing wordfiles to the new location.

Enable syntax coloring

This option controls whether syntax highlighting is enabled globally in the editor. By default, this is enabled.

Installed wordfiles

This drop down is populated with the list of language wordfiles on your system. You can open a language's associated wordfile by clicking the Open button.

Highlight new file as

This allows you to set the default highlighting for new files when they're created within the editor. If this is set, the highlighting type you specify is used until you save the file with an extension for a different language type.

Add / remove languages

This button opens the Add syntax highlighting languages dialog where you can easily add and remove syntax highlighting languages.

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