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If you prefer a more traditional menu system in your editor, you can enable menus and toolbars instead of the ribbon via the start page or the ribbon context menu. There are two menu modes: Traditional menus and Contemporary menus:

  • Traditional menus are based off of traditional menu structures that are common in other applications (and previous versions of UltraEdit / UEStudio). The traditional menu structure is familiar (File, Edit, Search, Insert, etc.).
  • Contemporary menus are based off of the ribbon structure. These menus follow the ribbon categories (File, Home, Edit, Format, View, etc.) and in general all functionality and commands follow the organization of the ribbon.

The toolbars for toolbar / menu mode are the same with both menu types. For information on how to show and hide toolbars, create custom toolbars, and modify toolbars, see the Creating and customizing toolbars topic.

Context menu

You can right-click on any toolbar to access the following options:

Ribbon mode Switches the menu system to ribbon mode.
Contemporary menus Switches the menus to "contemporary" style (as described above).
Large buttons Shows toolbar icons at doubled size.
Hide this toolbar Hides the toolbar you right-clicked on.
Customize... Opens the Customize... dialog for creating and customizing toolbars.

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